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Canzano says the PAC 10 GOR is complete

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Re: Canzano says the PAC 10 GOR is complete

Postby peruna81 » Thu Jun 08, 2023 7:33 pm

Water Pony wrote:The BigXII campaign whether speculative or more sinister is predatory vis-a-vis the PAC-12. ACC did it to the Big East, SEC did it to the BigXII, and the BiG10 did it to the PAC-12.

Further actions by either or both the BigXII and will have the effect of actually killing off a P5 Conference. How is that good for College Football?

It is good for the BigXII...that is the only criteria. Less pigs at the trough is a win.
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Re: Canzano says the PAC 10 GOR is complete

Postby WordUpBU » Thu Jun 08, 2023 9:47 pm

Dukie wrote:
WordUpBU wrote:
Dukie wrote:No one claimed it was a bombshell. It was soberly and accurately reported as exactly what it is.

I realize that you’re sane and reasonable for a Big XII-aligned person, but it’s beyond rich for anyone on that side of the fence to complain about anyone blowing nothingburgers into PR. :roll:

Excluding the Swaim's, MHVer3's, Dude of WV, etc twitter trolls that Big 12 fans who've been around for more than a week disregard, which Big 12 media reporters are you referring to?

I see that you're already familiar with and defensive about large swathes of the Big 12 disinformation campaign, but I'm not as willing as you to just dismiss, e.g., Swaim. He gets picked up by Sports Illustrated, among others. And as I'm sure you are aware, he is a master of reporting things like "[Colorado] and [Arizona] will move to the Big 12" (emphasis added) without evidence or support.

Moving on from him, though, I'd say the two worst homers/offenders are Kansas-based Dennis Dodd and Okie State grad Brett McMurphy. Dodd because he actually thinks its credible to document his sourcing as "several sources speculating in the hallways," and McMurphy because he breathlessly announces that UDub and UO have been "vetted and cleared" to join the B1G (guaranteeing the headline focus there) while also admitting that he does not know "when, or if," the B1G will expand further. His added comment that the B1G doesn't want blood on its hands for blowing up the PAC 12 is also nonsensical; you can't take UCLA and USC and then fret about whether taking the next two is, what, impolite? LOL.

There are plenty more examples but that's enough of my time on this, and that's not even getting into the Big 12 disinformation campaign with Karen Brodkin. But the really important thing here is that we're talking about this because you accused Canzano of falsely pretending the oral agreement in the PAC around a new GOR as a "bombshell." He didn't.

1- "Defensive" about Swaim? He's a hack and if SI is dumb/lazy enough to be a shadow of their former self quoting a known hack like them they'll fade further. Even the SicEm365 co-publisher has jokingly threatened to ban anyone who posts his tweets in realignment threads on that site.

2- Dodd was anything but a Big 12 homer in 2021. McMurphy is one of the most credible national writers on realignment over the last decade alongside Pete Thamel. They have solid sources but with all reporters you have to consider the likely type of source and why they are leaking what they leak.

2b- As for "vetted and cleared" if that's what he's getting from multiple sources is he supposed to sit on it? It's no secret that each of these leagues who consider expansion are at minimum doing analysis on potential options. I would be shocked if the AAC isn't doing so so they'd be able to move fast if SMU left. I am not sold his source is right on "cleared" as I am not sure how well they can monetize the 13 additional football games a two team addition would bring given FOX, CBS, and NBC each is paying for exclusive time windows on OTA channels where there won't be competing Big Ten games. Maybe a streaming partner would do so? Even then with the TV portions of the per-school revenue averaging over 60M it's a tough climb for 13 games to combine for 60M (assuming the new duo would get 50%) without OTA doing much of the heavy lifting simply due to expected viewership for ad buys to price against. Also with a streaming service it's not a lot of games to sell that many subscriptions to drive that revenue. Now the Big Ten Network would help drop the number via carriage fees in new cable markets but it's still a steep number and especially if ESPN stays away as the rest of cable doesn't drive their level of expected viewership for similar matchups.

2c- "Blood on their hands" quote to me represents administrators don't want the blame for the entire thing failing unless it's a really really big pile of money. (USC) They want two of Stanford/Washington/Oregon but not badly enough for backlash IMO. So like many cowardly administrators- it's CYA rather than altruism.

3- The Karen Brodkin stuff is SO overblown and ridiculous. When Bob Thompson (former president of FOX sports who's more tied to Oregon than the Big 12) is publicly calling it crazy... it probably is.

4- Canzano didn't say bombshell. However he was clearly trying to blur the lines knowing many would take it as "we have signed a grant of rights" and "we've all agreed on a deal" even if it isn't explicitly said knowing how quickly people jump to conclusions. It's a clear attempt at drumming up a non-story into being perceived as much more to try and push a positive narrative in the absence of anything positive to report on the tv deal at this time. He's free to do it but his motivations are pretty transparent.
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Re: Canzano says the PAC 10 GOR is complete

Postby Water Pony » Fri Jun 09, 2023 9:18 am

Promoting the downfall of a peer conference, PAC-12, is predatory.

Can't see how college football will be better as a result. The P2 followed by two lesser conferences, the BigXII and ACC, without a competitive PAC-12 is bad for college sports.

You would think the BigXII should not take delight in this possible outcome.
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Re: Canzano says the PAC 10 GOR is complete

Postby Dukie » Fri Jun 09, 2023 10:50 am

WordUpBU wrote:[redacted, but a lot of defensive stuff about the Big XII combined with mostly reasonable analysis of B1G numbers and the cravenness of college administrators]

It's all good. I understand but do not agree with your view that it should matter somehow that Serious and Long-Standing Big XII Fans of Good Repute[tm] do not respect or support the crazier and louder voices that are out there rah-rahing for your conference and attempting to denigrate and undermine other conferences so there's no point continuing this back and forth. You've backed off to a much more reasonable statement about Canzano so fine by me.
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