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my (humble) thoughts

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my (humble) thoughts

Postby ponyjim » Mon Sep 25, 2000 1:15 am

"We dug ourselves in a hole," coach Mike Cavan conceded. "We've been there before. We have got to fight our way back out again, and that starts Monday."

should've started sometime near, oh, after our loss to UTEP. Isn't Cavan's record in September something like 2-13 in his career at SMU?

Jacob Crowley...4 misses, 6 games...too bad he doesn't have more than only one year after this one is over to improve.
also, it's weird to think that great high school kickers who aren't great enough to play for someone like texas wouldn't want to come here. after all, it seems almost certain that they would start and would not have a lot of comp.

just my thoughts...
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