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Bull dogs and german sheperds

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Bull dogs and german sheperds

Postby BUS » Mon Sep 25, 2000 1:47 pm

Pit bulls and dobermans - It is not always the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. ie. Chris Cunningham the tough no slow'en down play every play "Comet"

We have some but not enough bad-mean-full of heart dogs.

We can WIN with our talent. Always use more though. I base this on history and NCAA rules. 1965 Texas had all ( over 200 )the talent and nobody in Texas could compete. Now ncaa rules limit to 85 scholarshiips/school.

Teams are more even now. Kick'em Mustangs
Beat Houston. - Play hard
Mustang Militia: Fight the good fight"
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