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What about some trick plays?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2000 1:51 pm
by ponytalk
From what I read about Kueck in the spring and twoadays, I thought he would have a larger variety of plays. People on this board said after the Kansas game that he is holding back on his play calling to keep new plays for bigger games. I am begining to become skeptical of his abilities. Is this him or is Cavan not allowing some variety and risk taking plays. We look like the same old offense, as far as plays go.

How about throwing in a trick play or two. The HB pass with Rodnick to Cody last year was great. And the offense running out, setting up, and snapping the ball while the punt team ran off last year at Tulsa worked. We need to catch these teams of gaurd offensivly every once and a while. This conservative offense is not working.

SMU's offense has had one great quarter of football this season. That was Q1 in the Kansas game.

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Re: What about some trick plays?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2000 4:45 pm
I would love to see SMU throw in some trick plays this week. One of my favorite trick plays is the onside kick when no one is expecting it. I was watching the opening kickoffs last weekend and it seemed that the opening return lines on both team immediately took of without waiting for the ball to be kicked. I think leading of the game with an onside kick would be a great idea.