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Tuesday's practice report

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Tuesday's practice report

Postby Guest » Tue Sep 26, 2000 10:34 pm

PonyFans.com was out at practice today. The feeling was a lot different than it has been.

The coaches were very upbeat and on the players' butts the whole day. If a player was caught walking or slacking, they were reprimanded. Johnnie Freeman played both WR and RB. His reps at WR looked good. He caught several bombs. After practice he and Josh McCown hung around practicing with each other.

The normal routines were followed, but everything was performed at 110 percent. I do not think there was a yellow jersey out there today (yellow being the color of an injured player). Lute Croy was back practicing. Hopefully, SMU will be 100 percent healthy for the Houston game.

PK Jacob Crowley looked all right in practice. It is hard to judge his performance in practice because most of his kicks are without pressure and he has a lot of reps, so he can adjust easily.

When practice was over, the whole team RAN off the field — there was no walking.

Sorry for the casual report, just wanted to update the PonyFans about what has been going on. The main observation is the change of intensity at practice, from both the coaches and players.

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