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Postby Charleston Pony » Sun Oct 15, 2000 10:07 am

O.K. Obviously, everyone is disappointed with what has transpired this season. I will admit I thought coming into the year we would be 3-4 or possibly 4-3 right now. My concern is not what has happened so far...that's history as far as I'm concerned.

Question is: have our "fans" quit on this team? I'm hoping we don't let the disappointment of a 1-6 start ruin our Homecoming game. Let's hope we have good weather, a good turnout (is it too much to hope for 20,000?) a great day on the blvd and a desperately needed win over Nevada.

If we are expecting no more than 15,000 for Nevada, I sure hope we do something in an attempt to boost attendance for that game. Start handing out the 2 for 1 coupons or the "Dad buy a ticket and bring up to 3 kids free" deal (similar to what the Dallas Cowboys did in their early years while trying to attract fans to the Cotton Bowl.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the 1,200 mile trip. I will be watching the FOX telecast at my local sports bar and hope to see a decent crowd in the stands.
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Re: Homecoming

Postby ALL4SMU » Sun Oct 15, 2000 1:40 pm

I have not given up on this team. I am a long way from giving up. As long as this team plays with heart, and never quits, I will never give up on them. I will be one of the fans in the stadium against nevada.
\"Show me a happy and gracious loser, and I'll show you a failure.\"- Knute Rockne
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Re: Homecoming

Postby MustangMom » Sun Oct 15, 2000 2:16 pm

I have not given up on this team either!! Let's have a win for homecoming and lots of supportive fans in the stadium!!!

Go Mustangs!!
Go Mustangs!!<BR>-MustangMom
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Re: Homecoming

Postby ponytalk » Mon Oct 16, 2000 11:08 pm

I hate to be the realist, but yes, the fans have given up. They gave up before we lost a game at home. They gave up at the Tulane game, and then embarrased us some more at the SJSU game. I am not expecting a crowd greater than 15,000. If there is a bigger crowd, it will be because of homecoming in a new stadium. If more than 15,000 show up, there will be less than 10,000 at the game come halftime, no matter how the game goes.

The truth hurts, but we are talking about SMU football fans, the few.
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