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What if......(please read)

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What if......(please read)

Postby Joe » Mon Oct 16, 2000 9:11 pm

Ok, lets assume for a minute that Cavan does indeed get fired. I am not going to take a side on this....well ok, I will. Cavan has not done much since his first year...He should get fired...Ok, back on track. So Cavan gets fired. It won't be until the end of this season, I wouldn't think. If he does get fired, then we are going to have to really move quickly on getting another coach in order to salvage our recruiting. We are already at enough of a disadvantage because of University b.s. sanctions and the NCAA violations as a result of the Malin affair. It is going to be crucial that we get on this.

Ok, so we get some new guy. Hopefully it is someone with experience...Someone who has turned other programs around. I don't care that much if they are D-1 or D-III, as long as he has proven himself a winner. If I recall, Cavan did not have outstanding records else where, just a few good seasons.

Ok, this new guy comes in and inherits a team full of returning starters. I think, and correct me if I am wrong, that we are only losing 2 starters on offense and 1 on defense.

Offensively we lose:

Rich Nichols
Jeff Erxleben

Defense we lose:
Chase Schavrda

That is really great for us. Those players all have done a lot for the University, but any team that only loses 3 players is in really good shape.

So, the new coach will inherit a ton of talent..Freeman, Comet, Briggs, Page/McCown, Hampton, Ford, Pratt, Aldridge, Viloria, Riley, Jonas, Garrett, and Joey Slaten(off the top of my head). It is in perfect shape to have a great season.

Next year I predict regardless of who is coach that we will win 7 or so games. If it is a new coach, he will be a God all of a sudden.

I am noticing a cycle. However, I look back and see us as being in much better shape then we were 4 years ago as far as the future goes.

I know it is hard to imagine right now, but the future is indeed bright for SMU.

Remember Pat Sullivan's last year with TCU. It was Coach Cavan's first. SMU was 6-4 heading in to the TCU game, and TCU was 0-10. TCU won, Sullivan got fired, TCU got a new coach, and bam, TCU is 10th ranked team in the nation.

Don't give up on these kids just yet. Tiene SUR.

Have faith.

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Re: What if......(please read)

Postby MustangFan » Mon Oct 16, 2000 10:22 pm

Well said, Joe. With or without Erxleben and Nichols, we NEED more linemen, especially on offense. What did we sign this year, two? Our line needs a major boost. Whatever happened to that walk-on that people were talking about so much, Brandon Luter? (Or whatever his name is -- bald guy who's 6-6, 350 or something.) Surely we can find a place on the field for him?
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Re: What if......(please read)

Postby Hotel California » Mon Oct 16, 2000 10:31 pm

Agreed Mustang Fan. That guy does look like he could play. I am intrested to hear how he is doing. Too bad Sterling Harris hasn't exactly panned out.
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Re: What if......(please read)

Postby ponytalk » Mon Oct 16, 2000 10:58 pm

Luter is still on the team. From what I hear, he is a little too big, his size is hurting his foot skills and speed. If he works hard, he could really help us. The reason he is not playing is because he is a transfer. He is not eligible.
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Re: What if......(please read)

Postby ALL4SMU » Tue Oct 17, 2000 12:00 am

I did not know he was a transfer. I thought he was a walk-on freshman. Well that is good to hear. He has a year to work on getting his size down and his quickness up. Anyone that has seen him in practice a lot- Do you think he will be good.
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Re: What if......(please read)

Postby No Quarter » Sat Oct 21, 2000 8:39 pm

Yes, a lot of coaches ought to be able to win next year - if a lot of players don't defect and transfer. The test of the 2001 and 2002 coaching staff will probably be in the latter season with spaces to fill. We really truly need good linemen in the next recruiting class.
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