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Strength and Conditioning

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2000 1:33 am
by SMUPonyFan
Does anyone know anything about our strength program? Maybe a player's parent who is on this board could give their opinion.

I have heard from people that our players cannot keep their weight. This shows on the field when we are constantly being rolled over. We get knocked back trying to make tackles, and our O-line has had some problems this year handling D-lineman. Also, our backs and receivers fall after the first hit, then I see other teams shaking off power hits and not falling when someone grabs their feet, like we do.

I know we do not have a training table, and we desperatly need one, but is their anything the staff can do to help keep the weight on these players? I looked at Hawaii, and they were huge! Also, this might be part of our problems in two a days when everyone had heat cramps--poor nutrition. But then again, can they do anything without a training table?

Also, I have heard of a lot of back injuries in the off season. Chivera, Murphy, and Ellen(was it his back?)? Also, our basketball players, Neimi, Bratton, Quinton? This all happened in off season, are they doing things right over there?

I would love to hear someones opinion on this.

Go Red, Go Blue, Go Mustangs, S M U

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Re: Strength and Conditioning

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2000 10:57 pm
by Big D
I know Billy Ford has lost 15 lbs., and cant't get it back. I'm sure John Hampton has lost too(I don't know how much). I heard the boys talking that everyone has lost weight since the season started. I think a training table would be a great idea, but it wouldn't be fair to the other students, who probably don't eat on campus anyway. It's just another obstacle the boys have to deal with.

Re: Strength and Conditioning

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2000 1:27 pm
by Guest
i agree....i know that most of the pac10 does not have training tables however there is SERIOUS talk about starting them here b/c of how far the conference has fallen in the last decade or so...they're having problems competing with the other conferences - even the lesser ones!

Re: Strength and Conditioning

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2000 2:02 pm
by PonyDad
This is a sore subject with me. My son is one of the few walk-ons coming back from last year. He arrived at fall camp at 250 trying to get a DE spot. He lost 8-10 lbs by the end of camp. During camp he was asked to move to DT and told that he needed to gain 15-20lbs. He decided to join the red-shirt lifting program and has gained back 5 of what he lost in camp, but I doubt that he will be able to add the additional weight. Those on the traveling squad only lift once or twice a week and I don't know how they maintain their weight.

I feel that the training staff is doing all they can, but the foodservice is geared to the general student population. He constantly complains that just some basic changes to add more protein and other nutritional foods would make all of the difference in the world. He feels that nobody wants to hear it.

It seems to me that even if "its not fair" to offer a training table that they could at least target some of the menu selection to those who have high performance needs and there are lots of them.

This is just one more small but important area where SMU needs to step-up it program to compete effectively.

Re: Strength and Conditioning

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2000 8:03 pm
by smudad
What is fair about asking a kid to come expend that type effort and energy without providing the fuel to do it? Looks to me like it is boderline dangerous. It also could be an encouragement to some to find another way to bulk up. How smart is that.

I'm curious. Is there any sort of coordination of hours of the cafeteria (or wherever they eat) and the hours for lifting and practice? Is there any sort of limit, other than the quality of the food, on what they can eat when they do get there? How much are the coaches involved in this kind of scheduling. From other organizational things, my guess would be, very little.

Re: Strength and Conditioning

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2000 9:21 pm
by ponytalk
From what I have heard, it is not just the nutrition that is weak, it may be the lifting techniques and strategies that are ailing us. I have heard of several players getting injured in the weight room. We also look weak, there are several guys that are built, but the rest of the team looks like they are on a high school weight program.

Re: Strength and Conditioning

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2000 9:32 pm
by PK
I thought we were suppose to have a great strength and conditioning coach, someone who use to be at Nebraska or something like that. Is he not here anymore? Did he leave or get sent packing? I mean look at what we did with Bordano. He came in here a "100 pound weakling" and left a "Charles Atlas" (You younger fans will have to ask your Dads or Grandfathers what thats all about). Anyone know anything about the current strength coach??

Re: Strength and Conditioning

PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2000 1:38 am
by ponytalk
Bordano is one person. One person with incredible goals and intensity. Lets not base this off of Bordano, he is an exception. Jost and his staff are from Nebraska. All I know is look at our team, they are under weight and lack muscle and strength that our competitors don't lack. I don't know if these are the same coaches as when Bordano was here.

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