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PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2000 6:24 pm
by Houston Pony
For any of you idiots that think Cavan should still be coach, just look at TCU. In 1997, they lost TEN games. They got rid of their coach. They got a guy like Franchione. He is the ONLY reason they are doing well now. He's a great recruiter. Cavan broke even with Rossley's leftovers, and has driven off his prized recruits like Jack Brewer and Karon Riley, and the guy who should be passing for 3,000 yards in Dallas and not Chattanooga, Chris Sanders. Cavan's a bum. TCU has crappy facilities, we have great facilities. TCU is in Fort Worth, we're in Dallas. TCU is inferior academically to SMU. SMU has much more to offer, so why can't the coach get the horses? Fran is doing it at that dump over at TCU. So don't tell me that recruiting is out of Cavan's hands. Fran is doing a better job, and he has a helluva tougher sell.

Re: Cavan

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2000 9:15 pm
by ponytalk
Not disagreing with everything you are saying, I just want to clear something up. SMU does not have everything, in fact they have advantages.
1)the recruiting policy, I think you know what that is and that in itself is enough to kill us
2)no academic majors geared toward athletes, no criminal justice, keneisiology, or sports management; TCU has all or two of the three.
3)lower academic standards. You must score higher on the SAT to get into SMU than TCU.

Once again, I agree with you in some areas, but dont say SMU has everything, we are missing arms and legs.