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No One's Talking

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No One's Talking

Postby Joyous » Sun Nov 05, 2000 8:48 pm

It's been over 24 hours since Rice game and no one has posted anything. I can't believe that "Not One Person" has a comment. Come on - Let's hear it!!
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Re: No One's Talking

Postby PonyDad » Sun Nov 05, 2000 9:22 pm

Well, I think that you have hit the nail on the head. As the old saying goes, "love me or hate me, just don't ignore me." I'm afraid we have hit the worst point of all...no one cares!

I was at the Rice game and I was really expecting a win. It even seemed that there was a decent SMU crowd, the band and yes, the cheerleaders found their way to the game. I heard this week, that they had the one of the toughest practice weeks since August, so they should have been ready.

I just don't get it.
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Re: No One's Talking

Postby ponyjim » Mon Nov 06, 2000 12:23 am

i was in houston this past weekend, and was at the game for its ENTIRITY! RAIN AND SHINE! but even if i had been here in dallas at my computer, where i could have posted something, i don't think that i would have. what's there to be said that hasn't been said after every other loss. same problems. i hate knocking the team but this past weekend everything that could've gone wrong went wrong, from interceptions to blocked kicks. you should seen the picture in the houston chronicle this morning of Vadheim being pummeled by a defender. it was embarassing.

i can think of ONE thing to say. Big hooray for Trent Hrncir. he played all of five or six plays but in only that he recorded a sack and was in on one or two tackles.

other than that, not impressive. Briggs is big and slow. Freeman is fast and little. Cavan sends Briggs outside, Briggs isn't fast enough. Cavan sends Freeman up the middle, he's too small. Billy Ford had a decent game and John Hampton made some head up plays and blocks, Viloria was his regular self and Chase played well too.

That's it.
Go Ponies!
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Re: No One's Talking

Postby smudad » Mon Nov 06, 2000 10:42 am

Well, we saw it too. I'll admit we left on the third interception. Sick friend in Houston needed our attention much more.

I recorded the game and watched much of it last night. There were some even more disturbing things about reruns in slow motion. I disagree with your'slow' characterization of Briggs. I saw about 10 plays where Briggs was hit virtually at handoff by an untouched Owl - UNTOUCHED. How could you tell if he has any speed or not. No SMU player even attempted to block. If I were Oliver Stone, I'd be claiming consipracy.

I saw a RICE 1st and goal play at our 6 inch line on RICE's first TD where Lute Croy 'attempted' a stunt around Aldridge - ON THE 6 INCH LINE!. The ball carrier, of course went right where he had been, again, virtually untouched before he crossed the goal line.

There are many other such plays that are just beyond explanation. Perhaps the most enjoyable play of the game for me was Steve O'Neill's kickoff return. No hesitation, he just shot up the field, broke some tackles and gave us our best starting field position of the day. I'm gald I got to see him get his hands on an SMU football just once before I die.

It will be difficult to drive over from Ft. Worth two more times for the remaining home games. We'll do it of course. But it's not particularly something I look forward to.
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Re: No One's Talking

Postby PonyPride » Mon Nov 06, 2000 12:27 pm

PonyFans.com's official game story will be posted after Cavan's weekly media gathering this afternoon.

Sorry for the delay - but stay tuned.
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Re: No One's Talking

Postby ponytalk » Tue Nov 07, 2000 2:42 pm

Ok, Joyous. I have nothing to say except, Rice almost beat us as bad as NC State beat us. That is embarrassing. And people are playing the wrong positions. Our play calling is not varied. That is all.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Joyous:
<B>It's been over 24 hours since Rice game and no one has posted anything. I can't believe that "Not One Person" has a comment. Come on - Let's hear it!!</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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