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Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

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Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby ponytalk » Thu Nov 09, 2000 3:03 pm

I will be there. I am ready for the cold. Hopefully, it will be a day like today, blue sky and cold!
So who else will be at Ford?
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Re: Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby PK » Thu Nov 09, 2000 4:05 pm

I will be there!!!
SMU's first president, Robert S. Hyer, selected Harvard Crimson and Yale Blue as SMU's colors to symbolize SMU's high academic standards. We are one of the few Universities to have school colors with real meaning...and we just blow them off.
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Re: Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby Horseshoe » Thu Nov 09, 2000 4:09 pm

Count me in ... from the first whistle to the last! EVERYONE needs to be there FOR THE WHOLE GAME -- and make a lot of noise. Ford Stadium rocked in the opener, but we have been too quiet since then (I'm as guilty of that as anyone.)

New commitments:
Stay for the entire game.
Be loud -- all game long.
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Re: Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby PonyDad » Thu Nov 09, 2000 5:34 pm

I'll be there and I'm bringing some with me!
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Re: Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby Joyous » Thu Nov 09, 2000 6:45 pm

We'll be there. I'm also bringing "some".
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Re: Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby Big D » Thu Nov 09, 2000 8:14 pm

BSTANG and I will be there for the whole thing. I have good feeling about this one. I sure hope it's not a gas pain!!
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Re: Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby MustangMom » Fri Nov 10, 2000 12:44 am


I like your style!! Great comment. I can't make it to this game, but was at the Rice game from start to finish and yelling loud!!
Especially when Trent Hrncir got that sack.

Go Mustangs. I am still with you and know that you guys still play hard.

Go Mustangs!!
Go Mustangs!!<BR>-MustangMom
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Re: Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby smudad » Fri Nov 10, 2000 2:05 pm

FWMustang, MustangGirl, fwmom & I will be there. Folks should come to this game, if for no other reason than it's the one where they retire The Great Doak's number.

Tough, trying to schedule tailgating with a basketball game following. When does one tear down the set?

MustangMom. Are you Trent's Mom? We are Ft. Worth Trinity Valley folks with a long history of getting our buts kicked by Kinkaid. Great memories of baseball weekends playing Episcopal (The local Triple A affiliate), St. john's & Kinkaid.

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Re: Roll Call...Is anyone coming?

Postby D » Fri Nov 10, 2000 2:09 pm

I'm definitely going. Hopefully, we can get it together against Tulsa. We have played them well over the last couple of years. Looking forward to the scrimmage after game too.
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