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Rana Cash's thoughts

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Rana Cash's thoughts

Postby SMUPonyFan » Fri Nov 10, 2000 2:09 am

In here weekly audio thing, she says that early signs indicate seem Cavan will be able to use Ford Stadium as a recruiting tool, but he is not on solid ground.
Does this mean she thinks, or has been told, that he will stay but if he looses against Tulsa he will go? I am not sure if I misinterpreted this or not. Y'alls opinions please.

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Go Red, Go Blue, Go Mustangs, S M U
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Re: Rana Cash's thoughts

Postby SMUguy » Fri Nov 10, 2000 3:55 pm

From what I gather, he was on shaky ground a few weeks ago, seemed to get a stay of execution from the Governor (Copeland) when we beat Nevada, and now is in hot water again after we got tattooed by Rice last week. The stadium is gorgeous, but how much will it really help when recruiting a kid?
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Re: Rana Cash's thoughts

Postby smudad » Sat Nov 11, 2000 12:08 pm

The stadium will help recruit now, only if you bring the recruits in before the game and make sure they leave before game time; well before. The atmosphere in the SJSU game had to be one of the worst I've ever seen. I can't believe any kid brought to that game would seriously consider SMU if he has any other offers. HS games for 3rd place in district had more to offer. That stadium will help a coach who has his team ready to play, fired up with fans, and lots of them, in a similar mood. We haven't seen that since KU. Didn't last long.
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