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Positve signs for next year?

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Positve signs for next year?

Postby Charleston Pony » Sun Nov 12, 2000 10:52 am

Granted, a win will always bring out the optimistic side of me, but I'm seeing some things that make me feel better about this team's prospects for 2001.

Jarian James appears to be a player. Sounds like he was all over the field last night. Our secondary has some athletes who are learning under duress this year, but could be a strong group as early as next year. Josh and the offensive skill position guys seem to be improving. Our DL & linebackers are also improving and will hopefully continue to bulk up in the off-season.

The key to improvement for next year seems to rest on the OL. Anybody know if Judson Davis will be back? I see his return as a big key, along with whether Sterling Harris can become the player we all hoped he would be...and the possibility one of our RS Frosh might step up next year. I was told earlier this year that Danny Murphy's playing days are over...can anyone confirm?
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Re: Positve signs for next year?

Postby HorsePower » Mon Nov 13, 2000 1:40 pm

Jarrian James is a real player, and he may well turn out to be the prize of the recruiting class. We have done well in Louisiana the last few years (with players like Vic Viloria.) I don't think we lose any linebackers this year, and next year we add D.D. Lee to the mix -- he's supposed to be a big hitter with deceiving speed.

Offensive line and defensive line remain the key to recruiting this year. Actually, those are the key every year, but especially this year.

Judson Davis is done, from what I hear, and Danny Murphy definitely is done. Sterling Harris has yet to show any desire to play hard, practice hard or work hard at anything. Hope he proves me wrong, but I think he's a bust.
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Re: Positve signs for next year?

Postby ponytalk » Tue Nov 14, 2000 1:50 pm

As we all know, we are going to REALLY be hurting in the coming years at Oline, and soon ebough Dline. We need to sign 6-8 linemen on each side of the ball. Our future does not look too bright, Steve Reindle(small), Harris(not good), Hargis(????), TC(good).
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