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We need linemen!

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Re: We need linemen!

Postby Bballer » Fri Dec 08, 2000 3:34 pm

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by PerunaPunch:
This lack of a training table. Didn't seem to be much of an issue in the 80s when we ate in McIlveney, but I'll concede that any advantage is an advantage...</B></font><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Let's not forget that in the 80's, they were given a few dollars here and there and I bet they did not just eat at the cafeteria, if you know what I mean. Image They had enough resources to eat out during that time. And as Stanglover said, those guys were specimens.

We need a training table. It would cost a decent amount but it will also take some money away from what the players are given in meal money or stipens. So some money would come from that.

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Re: We need linemen!

Postby Guest » Fri Dec 08, 2000 6:45 pm

I really like you Bballer!

Re: We need linemen!

Postby PonyPride » Fri Dec 08, 2000 8:09 pm

PerunaPunch -

Great idea about the PonyFans.com Sports Nutrition Center. I bet if we think about it, we all know an alum or two who might contribute to get the project rolling.

You were a little high with the cost of the commercial kitchen in the Sig Ep house, but your point is well taken. With proper organization, it can be done.

Any volunteers to meet and try to coordinate some plans for such a project?

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Re: We need linemen!

Postby Guest » Mon Dec 11, 2000 7:10 pm

Any ideas on just how much it would cost?


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