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Recruits this weekend

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Recruits this weekend

Postby Guest » Fri Dec 15, 2000 6:58 pm

Anybody heard about the recruits that are coming in this weekend. I know you probably haven't but thought I might ask. I was just wondering how many we might have in and how big are the linemen. If anybody knows or hears throw it my way. I am getting concerned about the lack of numbers in the linemen catagory. Thanks.

Re: Recruits this weekend

Postby ALL4SMU » Fri Dec 15, 2000 9:40 pm

Stanglover, check over on the recruiting board. Apparently we just got our first commitment from an offensive lineman.
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Re: Recruits this weekend

Postby Charleston Pony » Sat Dec 16, 2000 10:41 am

Corey Roberts was scheduled in the weekend, I believe. Would be nice to have him teaming with Taylor as 6-4 wide-outs. He was also visiting Okla St as I recall.
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Re: Recruits this weekend

Postby PerunaPunch » Mon Dec 18, 2000 11:54 am

Anybody have information on the recruits from this weekend or the aforementioned lineman?
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Re: Recruits this weekend

Postby Recruiting Guru » Mon Dec 18, 2000 1:30 pm

Rumor has it the Mustang coaches are backing off Corey Roberts -- who didn't come in this weekend. He's coming this week, from what I hear. The word is that the SMU coaches don't like his attitude too much. Not signing this kid would be a MAJOR mistake. He's big enough to sheild defenders from the ball with his size, and has excellent hands. SMU is not in a position to be blowing off stud players because of attitude, within reason. From what I hear, Corey's attitude is simply that he thinks he's really good. We need a little confidence like that around the Hilltop.

Peruna Punch: As for last week's OL signee, Scott Dale .... SMU may have hit the lottery. He was not on everyone's wish list because of the private school stigma, but he can play (he was recruited hard by Kansas State for a while). He's a legit 6-4 and 285 or 290, but unlike so many other big linemen coming out of high school, that weight isn't around his belly. He has powerful legs and butt, and strong arms and shoulders. And he can run-block and pass-block. Could be a real find.
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Re: Recruits this weekend

Postby Guest » Mon Dec 18, 2000 2:05 pm

I talked to a guy on the team this weekend and he said they did not have any recruits in this weekend. I think it is a dead period or something. My mistake with the question. Sorry.

Re: Recruits this weekend

Postby SMUguy » Mon Dec 18, 2000 2:49 pm

Dec. 17 is a quiet period, Dec. 18-Jan. 1. But supposedly there are a couple of kids coming in this week -- on unofficial visits maybe?
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