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Wish list for 2001 season

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Wish list for 2001 season

Postby PonyPower » Sun Jan 14, 2001 1:18 am

* Get the offensive line ready by the season opener so Page and Luker live through the season, Briggs has somewhere to run and there's a lane for Comet to run through on the wide receiver screen pass that gets called on every series.

* Throw the ball to Bryan McDearman more than once in a season.

* Get the ball to Freeman a MINIMUM of 25 times per game, whether it's on a run, pass, kick return, reverse, end-around .... I don't care. Let him onside-kick it to himself if he has to, but get the ball in this guy's hands.

* Sterling Harris and Brandon Luter combine to become not only the biggest pair of linemen in school history, but also the meanest and nastiest. With that, the blocking lanes will be there.

* Bartel and Nixon need to come in so ready to play that we have a four-way competition at quarterback -- which will make someone step up and claim the spot with strong play.

* Vic Viloria will get the national recognition he so greatly deserves.

* Rico Harris becomes the big, bad safety we were promised when he signed. Comparisons to former SMU great Russell Carter resume.
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Re: Wish list for 2001 season

Postby Boston Pony » Sun Jan 14, 2001 10:38 am

How about the other things for 2001.

* A healthy year on the team - particularly on the O & D Lines
* The corners learn to keep tight & tough with opposing WRs
* Special teams become that! The new kickers on 'ships prove their worth
* All those who complain about coaching happily eat their words (which mean we win in a big way)
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Re: Wish list for 2001 season

Postby BUS » Sun Jan 14, 2001 3:01 pm

SEVEN Wins - No less
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Re: Wish list for 2001 season

Postby ponytalk » Sun Jan 14, 2001 3:20 pm

Bus, how about 7 big men on each side of the ball?
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Re: Wish list for 2001 season

Postby ClassOf81 » Sun Jan 14, 2001 4:58 pm

My only wish is that someone convinces the coaches the season starts in the middle of the summer. It seems that every year, the team comes out and gets clobbered in the first half of the season, only to turn the corner and go on a run in the second half.

Coaches: We're playing a 24-game season, beginning June 16. Just make sure we're ready for our second-half streak by the beginning of September!
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Re: Wish list for 2001 season

Postby kangaroo » Mon Jan 15, 2001 12:49 am

How about getting some turnovers - young players don't know when to take chances. With everyone back in the secondary, it is time for some playmakers to step forward. Let's shorten the field for the offense.
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Re: Wish list for 2001 season

Postby The Q » Mon Jan 29, 2001 8:03 pm

I want to see our young DB's get some takeaways and I want to see our kickers hit some field goals!
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