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Postby GrapevineMustang » Sun Jan 14, 2001 2:27 am

I don't know too much about Kelan Luker and David Page, other than what I saw from Page this year, but I do know Richard Bartel can play. Hope he gets a chance to compete for the job.
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Re: Quarterbacks

Postby Boston Pony » Sun Jan 14, 2001 10:42 am

My guess is he will redshirt, unless both QBs have bad Springs or are injured. It seems to take a year to learn the offense, thus a year learning would be best. Plus with a Soph/Jr combination in 2001, it would be in everyone's best interest to have a Jr/Sr/Fr combo in 2002.
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Re: Quarterbacks

Postby Charleston Pony » Sun Jan 14, 2001 10:47 am

Not to mention the added benefit the kid gets from a RS season, i.e., 5 yrs to work on your degree! Let's not lose sight of the fact these guys are STUDENT-athletes.
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Re: Quarterbacks

Postby ponytalk » Sun Jan 14, 2001 3:33 pm

We need to start using what we have and then using what we have for the future when the future is here. I have seen enough of this play freshman and then when they are juniors, bench them and play the freshman. All that does is make us a young inexperienced team. Once these recruits come in and get used to the program and learn the schemes and people in higher positions graduate, then you play them. We are getting 2-3 years out of young guys instead 2-3 years out of old guys. This is why we have always said we are a young inexperienced team.
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Re: Quarterbacks

Postby Pony4Life » Sun Jan 14, 2001 5:00 pm

I hope Bartel and Nixon are strong enough to scare Luker and Page, but never take a snap. Give them both 4 more years.
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