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Football Awards

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Football Awards

Postby PonyPride » Wed Jan 24, 2001 6:45 pm

Courtesy smumustangs.com

The SMU football program held its annual Awards Recpetion on Saturday night in the Stadium Club at Gerald J. Ford Stadium where 14 Mustangs received honors. Thirty-four SMU players earned grade point averages of above 3.0 during the fall semester and 30 hold cumulative GPAs over 3.0. The following is a list of award winners from Saturday's reception.

A. Kenneth Pye President's Award (player who contributes the most to the overall success of the football program): Vic Viloria

Mike Kelsey Award (player who displays the attitude, hustle and desire exemplary of the late Mike Kelsey): Chase Schavrda

Lester Johnson Award (senior letterman who is both outstanding on the field and has the highest GPA the last two semesters): Colin Vadheim

Charles H. Trigg Blocking Award (outstanding offensive lineman): Joey Slaten

Mustang Club Award - Offense (MVP): Kris Briggs, John Hampton

Mustang Club Award - Defense (MVP): Vic Viloria

"M" Association Award (player who shows the characteristics of hard work, determination and team spirit typical of a letterman): Jason Pipkins

Alumni Association Award (graduating seniors who show outstanding character): Jeff Erxleben, Rich Nichols

James T. Bradley "New Mustang" Award (most consistant freshman performer): Jarrian James

Wild Horse Club (players who exemplify the spirit of the wild mustang through their outstanding efforts during the season): Kevin Aldridge, Lute Croy, James McCarthy and Johnson Patman

Special Teams Award: Colin Vadheim

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Re: Football Awards

Postby Corso » Wed Jan 24, 2001 8:24 pm

A. Kenneth Pye Award: Vic VIloria's a no-brainer.

Mike Kelsey Award: Schavrda's a good choice, but you can make an argument for Chris Cunningham, too.

Lester Johnson Award: Vadheim, since they go by grades.

Charles H Trigg Award: Slaten's a good choice, but I also thought Thornton Chandler was outstanding when he was healthy. James McCarthy and Kevin Gober were unsung heroes who also deserve recognition.

Offensive MVP: Got to be Hampton.

Defensive MVP: Viloria - nobody else gets a vote.

M Association Award: Jason Pipkins is the consumate team player, but Cunningham also displays those characteristics. Ultimate team guy.

New Mustang Award: Jarrian James was great this year. Could be a future star. Matt Rushbrook gets honorable mention consideration.

Wild Horse Club: Those four are great, but I'd add Viloria, Cunningham, David Page and Kevin Garrett,

Special Teams Award: Vadheim? I guess so. Special teams weren't that special this year. If I'm not mistaken, we had no kick returns for scores, and I don't know if we blocked a punt or field goal. Go with Vadheim.
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Re: Football Awards

Postby Texastang » Thu Jan 25, 2001 3:37 pm

Slaten was a good choice for the Trigg trophy, but he was no more deserving of it than McCarthy. It was good for Slaten, in that it might add to confidence level. He has the best physical ability out there, and hopefully this will unlock something in his head. If he could put both mind and body together on the field, watch out! Chandler will be someone one day, but Gober?
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Re: Football Awards

Postby ponytalk » Thu Jan 25, 2001 4:18 pm

Corso, Gober an unsung hero? What are you smoking? Chandler played real well this year, but Gober barely played and when he did there was no true impact. I think he is a decent player but no unsung hero.

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Re: Football Awards

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 25, 2001 4:39 pm

Congrats to all winners of the awards. Now let's try and win some awrds outside those that are team inspired, like a WAC title.

Re: Football Awards

Postby Corso » Thu Jan 25, 2001 5:59 pm

OK, maybe I'm overselling Gober. I just remember a couple of games in which he really caught my eye with a series of really good blocks. Didn't realize he played a limited role. When I saw him, he looked good, but I also didn't focus him on every play.
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