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Training Table Approved

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Training Table Approved

Postby mustangs2001 » Sun Feb 04, 2001 1:02 pm

This topic must become a reality at SMU, especially football. I am challenging those of you on this board that have influence, please make it happen now, not next year. If we can build a stadium, surely the challenge of a simple cafeteria is achievable. There is no possible way to achieve champioship level without the proper foods. Time to stop thinking about it and "Just Do It". These athletes are busting their rears to be champions, lets give them some help. Most Div. 1 programs have a training table for their athletes. Our SMU players are pleading for one now!
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Re: Training Table Approved

Postby SMUPonyFan » Sun Feb 04, 2001 2:20 pm

The problem here is money. We just built the stadium; SMU is in trouble because of their new software program went millions and millions over budget; athletics has not had money since the DP. There is just no money. There has been talk of buying out Cavan's contract, then paying a big time coach. There is just no money and too many things that need money.

But, I have talked to a formal player at Rice and they said that they did not have a separate kitchen. They said that the food was prepared in the cafeteria then transported to the place they ate. That is an idea, save some money by not building a kitchen. We have the space in Ford to seat athletes. All we need is to transport food from the cafeteria to Ford. All athletics have to do is decrease the stipends for off campus athletes and then not pay for on campus athlete's meal plans. Shouldn't that pay for a training table? Or at least a large percentage of it?

It is all a question of money. I see no other problems.

Go Red, Go Blue, Go Mustangs, S M U
Go Red, Go Blue, Go Mustangs, S M U
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Re: Training Table Approved

Postby PK » Sun Feb 04, 2001 4:12 pm

Speaking of money...it is time again for the Mustang Club annual fund drive. Last year the approximately 2400 members contributed $1.8 million which goes to the support of athletics and athletic scholarships at SMU. We keep talking about the finacial problems in getting the things our programs need such as a training table. A part of the solution is for all of us to keep up and/or increase our contributons and if you are not a member, become one. Call 214 SMU CLUB to join or e-mail me (thgaertner@pbsj.com) and I will get some information to you. GO MUSTANGS!!!!

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SMU's first president, Robert S. Hyer, selected Harvard Crimson and Yale Blue as SMU's colors to symbolize SMU's high academic standards. We are one of the few Universities to have school colors with real meaning...and we just blow them off.
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