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Webmaster: Dumbest Post goes to...

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Webmaster: Dumbest Post goes to...

Postby Houston Pony » Fri Feb 09, 2001 8:35 pm

Dirty Bird for suggesting such an asinine solution to SMU's problems. Instead of giving him a t-shirt, send him a dirty load of bird crap and keep him off this board!
Houston Pony
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Re: Webmaster: Dumbest Post goes to...

Postby Dirty Bird » Fri Feb 09, 2001 8:47 pm

Hey, just because I made a suggestion, doesn't mean you have to get all bent out of shape. This is an open forum, and I was merely throwing out an opinion. There's no need to be ugly and hurtful, and you really ought to learn some manners.
Dirty Bird
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