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Football workouts

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Football workouts

Postby Stampede » Wed Feb 14, 2001 3:10 pm

I, for one, have been out to see the STangs in their conditioning workouts this winter. There is not enough space on this board to tell you of the improvement that the coaches are implementing during both weightlifting and conditioning. Coaches Giles and Baker are at every weight session (6:00 A M and 2:30 PM) and conditioning at 4:00 PM. The players are responding and are VERY POSITIVE about the changes that Coach Cavan and staff have installed.
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Re: Football workouts

Postby PK » Wed Feb 14, 2001 3:16 pm

That sounds like good news. Hope these coaches know what they are doing and that none of the players get injured. Now lets get a TRAINING TABLE!!
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Re: Football workouts

Postby Big D » Wed Feb 14, 2001 10:19 pm

I have heard that also through my contact. He likes all the coaches (except maybe one), and thinks they really, really are trying to build a competitive team. I know they came up short sometimes last season, but hey, you guys who used to play, know what a thrill it is to be playing. I know they are ripped regularly on the other board, but I know these players AND coaches want to win more than we do. They're trying everything possible to change that, they know something has to change, and they're trying new things. I wish them the best of luck for this. If they can ever get this team competitive, and win a conference championsip or something, the confidense factor would be astounding, and all other things would start to fall into place,(recruiting,fans,student fans,). I appreciate them trying to come up with a new plan.
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