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A new name change for L. A. Mustang...

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A new name change for L. A. Mustang...

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 17, 2001 3:19 pm

X / L. A. Mustang

well, i guess it may be the time to make a 'name' change ...

it looks like there may have been some confusion on the board between LA Mustang & my postings ... though i have been known as 'L. A.' Mustang for sometime now - i believe change does the heart good & i've been in a rut anyway so i need to make this change & several others - especially in light of this yr's football & basketball success or lack of - though b-ball appears several yrs away from 'really' being a top 30 team anyway (charleston pony said it well on the other board) ... its funny how these %$$# teams can truly drag us down in light of everything else going on around us ... i guess i need to get a whole new perspective anyway ...

anyway - for now - i'll think it over this weekend for a new name & we'll see what pops out monday morning or whenever ...


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Re: A new name change for L. A. Mustang...

Postby ponytalk » Tue Feb 20, 2001 1:14 pm

What's the change? And why, is it because of the SJSU masacre?
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