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Practice 3-29-01

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Practice 3-29-01

Postby ponytalk » Fri Mar 30, 2001 12:31 am

I went to practice today for a while.

To the Judson Davis fan out there, I forgot your name, I watched him for a little. He did not impress me any, but he did not disappoint me either. He seems pretty strong, but pretty slow. He is not a starter caliber lineman, but he gives us depth. I really hope he keeps working hard and gets his chance to shine.

Sterling looks better than I have ever seen him. But he is still not starter material in my mind--I see the coaches think differently, because he is on the first line.

Luker and Page looked equal. And the sum is not high. In fact, the whole offense looked terrible today.

The defense dominated the offense in the drills. But this is nothing new. Our defense has always done this and our defense has always been better than the O. A piece of good news...KG had an interception today, but it was thrown right to him and there were no receivers in the same zip code.

I am kind of down. I think the team does not look very good right now.

Hopefully it is just because today was the first day of pads and they have not practiced for three years due to bad weather; which brings up another point, are we the only football team in the universe that does not practice due to rain. I mean, come on, football is supposed to be the tough sport. Why does rain cause a practice cancelation?

That is typical SMU. Lets just ask for another 50 million and throw a dome over the stadium.
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