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Red/Blue impressions

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Red/Blue impressions

Postby PonyGirl » Mon Apr 09, 2001 1:02 pm

• Where was the passing game? I know Comet and Free were out, but they never threw the ball more than about 10 yards downfield.

• Offensive line was shaky. Sterling Harris got beat several times, including a few times by Allen Adami, who's listed as two inches shorter and 55 pounds lighter.

• D.D. Lee looked awesome! So did Jarrian James. I could see Lee taking a starting spot, alongside James and Vic Viloria.

• Derron Brown showed a lot -- slashed through the line and caught the ball pretty well out of the backfield. He and Keylon Kincade ran over/through several tackles.

• The secondary was hard to read, because the quarterbacks rarely threw the ball downfield. But Leroy Price and Matt Rushbrook looked strong in run support.

• The kickers were scary - can't wait for Davis and McMurtray to get here in August.

What did everyone else think?
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Re: Red/Blue impressions

Postby MustangFan » Mon Apr 09, 2001 1:12 pm

Sterling Harris also got pancaked by Billy Jack Williams, who gives away almost 100 pounds. I guess we should take the positive approach and congratulate BJ on his hitting power?

Rico Harris looks like he'll be a real player for us. He needs to get on the field. Between him and DD Lee, maybe we should start paying more attention to Nacogdoches High in recruiting.
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Re: Red/Blue impressions

Postby HorsePower » Mon Apr 09, 2001 1:36 pm

Is Adam Walterscheid out of the running altogether for placekicking? I saw Jacob Crowley and Trent Stephenson tried all the kicks. Does this mean we are spending a scholarship on Walterscheid so he can do nothing more than kick off? With Davis and McMurtray coming, that means we'll have THREE scholarship kickers? (Please tell me we didn't burn another on Crowley.)
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Re: Red/Blue impressions

Postby ponytalk » Mon Apr 09, 2001 11:01 pm

First off, I think Harris has about 300 lbs on BJ Williams and if BJ pancaked Harris that is a true shame and shows the quality of #75.

Next, I would love to see DD Lee at middle linebacker, and then Vic and James at outside. Let DD handle the punishment and stop the run by clogging up the middle and leave James and Vic to punish he offense with their speed and hard hitting ability.

Also, I want to see Mike Brown at fullback and BJ Williams at safety.

Hrncir had a quiet scrimmage compared to the first. I never saw a pass thrown to him. Am I wrong about that? This is typical SMU coaching, they forget about the talent they have.
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