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Billy Ford story

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Billy Ford story

Postby 91Stang » Wed Apr 18, 2001 2:01 pm

Great story on Billy Ford. He's a hell of a player, and sounds like a terrific young man. We need more like him.

I think he's going to do real well playing in the slot. With his size and running ability, he and Hampton are going to drive linebackers and safeties into straightjackets.
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Re: Billy Ford story

Postby ponystudent » Wed Apr 18, 2001 2:10 pm

Nice article. It is amazing that he has played so many positions and timing put him in the position to make that historical touchdown.

I like the pictures too. In the picture where he is catching the touchdown pass, look into the crowd and you will see two people exiting through one of the tunnels, they have their backs turned and they missed the first touchdown in Ford Stadium. Don't know how I spotted that but I thought that was kind of funny.

Go Ponies!
Go Ponies!
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Re: Billy Ford story

Postby MustangFan » Thu Apr 19, 2001 7:06 pm

Great article. Keep it up, PonyFans.com.
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Re: Billy Ford story

Postby MustangMom » Fri Apr 20, 2001 12:23 am

Great story Ponyfans! Glad you got Billy thinking about scoring the first touchdown in Ford Stadium with your poll last year! I was there, it was a great catch - so exciting - and wonderful that Ford scored the first TD in Ford stadium.

Have a great season this year Billy!

Go Mustangs!
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Re: Billy Ford story

Postby ClassOf81 » Fri Apr 20, 2001 3:15 pm

Great piece on Billy. I've always thought he could be a really good slot receiver, kind of like Joe Jerevicious of the NYGiants. And a friend of mine is a professor who has him in a class, and says Billy is a really bright guy who works as hard in the classroom as he does on the field. Hopefully he'll have a huge year for the Ponies in 2001. I predict he catches 35-40 passes next season, including 6 touchdowns.
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