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Spring Wrapup

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Spring Wrapup

Postby Webmaster » Sat Apr 21, 2001 9:40 pm

Today marked the final time the SMU Mustang Football team will practice until Fall Camp.

The Ponies finished the spring with a two hour scrimmage in Ford Stadium.

The offense looked stronger this scrimmage than they have the rest of the spring, but the defense still is the force of the team. The offensive line looks to be the rough spot of the offense due to little depth and lack of size. The offense scored twice today--both scores coming from the strong tight end play the Mustangs have installed. Kelan Luker hooked up with Michael Brown and then David Page hooked up with tight end Trent Hrncir. Brown looks to be playing more of a utility back style, mostly working out of a motion and stopping behind the line of scrimmage like a fullback and other times stopping at the line of scrimmage, more as a tight end. Hrncir moved to tight end at the beginning of spring ball and has been successful at his new position, providing depth behind the Ponies leading receiver, John Hampton. He has shown that he can both block and catch the ball. Luker seems to be the number one quarterback after spring: this is not a change since the beginning of spring. Luker and Page split time for the whole camp and it will continue to be a battle in the fall. The running backs are currently plagued by injuries, with Kris Briggs and Keylon Kincade out. Jason Pipkins was moved back to his original position after the injuries and he proved, once again, that he is a workhorse. He took several huge shots throughout the spring and popped right back up to run the ball again and again. It will be interesting to see if the put him back at receiver of keep him at runningback--a tough decision considering his success this spring. There was very little wide receiver play this spring due to Johnnie Freeman and Chris Cunningham being out for various reasons, but Billy Ford and Cody Cardwell got to run many reps and they proved that they are reliable targets for both Page and Luker.

On the defense, Jonas Rutledge had an interception, which was tipped by defensive end Kevin Aldridge, and he ran it back the full length of the field for a touchdown. Kevin Aldridge is a powerhouse at defensive end and Johnson Patman had a very productive spring. The ends will have a lot of depth in the fall with Aldridge, Patman, Williams, and Pratt. The offensive line could not stop the linemen in the middle. Lute Croy, Warrie Birdwell, Chris Post, and JD Blagg will all play a major role next fall and they had a great spring.

As usual, the defense looks to be the strongest out of the Mustangs. This spring was injury plagued and spread out due to weather, but was still successful.

Twenty scholarship freshman and numerous walk-ons will report to Fall Camp in August along with the rest of the Pony squad in preparation for the 2001 season and the season opener on September 1, 2001 against Louisiana Tech, in Shreveport.
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Re: Spring Wrapup

Postby ponystudent » Sun Apr 22, 2001 12:14 am

Jason Pipkins is a hoss. The guy plays at 100% and crushes people that are bigger than him. I really like his style. He is finesse but he has power.

The coaches for some reason never play him. They <I>use</I> him when they need something. As the wrap up states, he was moved back to a running back because of injury. Basically, the coaches wore him out at running back and then they will probably throw him back at receiver come the fall. What is wrong with these coaches. Pipkins is a great athlete and running back. Give him the chance in a game. He has proven himself countless times in practices and scrimmages.

Last season Pipkins powered the ball down the whole field and the coaches gave the ball to Briggs to score. Give Pipkins the chance and quit <I>using</I> him.

Go Ponies!
Go Ponies!
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Re: Spring Wrapup

Postby ponytalk » Mon Apr 23, 2001 4:41 pm

Mike Brown at fullback would be nice. But then again, I dont think Cavan likes prototype fullbacks that can block and catch the ball. That is what Pennington was and we know how Pennington was treated.
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