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So what have we learned at the end of the season?

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Re: So what have we learned at the end of the season?

Postby ponypatrick » Sat Jan 25, 2020 4:11 pm

peruna81 wrote:A couple of observations and thoughts:

WE HAVE A QUARTERBACK...after years of hoping someone would approach GG ability and stability, we have it. The nice thing is that we will have him for 2020 as well. Bue played poorly in 4 games, and we lost three of them. It all starts and ends with him, and he is a winner. Major upgrade from the past years. A-

THIS IS NOT VAN'S DEFENSE...they play high risk/high reward schemes, and it worked well against lesser teams and earlier in the season. As rival coaches were able to break down the patterns, they were able to find the weaknesses and exploit them. Good on them, bad for us. CBs and Safeties need continued talent upgrade, as do LBs. But this side of the ball over performed through the first part of the season, and then hit a talent wall. C+

SPECIAL TEAMS WERE NOT SPECIAL...ugh...Placekickers are a dime a dozen, and we couldn't find one. That is a major problem that needs to be addressed. D

COACHES...coached. They designed schemes that played to the strength of our talent, and tried to cover the weaknesses. Adapting and changing schemes was not their strength...they seemed content to challenge the opposing team to stop what they knew was coming. As the talent of the opponents increased towards the latter part of the schedule, this was telling with the results. B

There were wonderful surprises this year...grit to fight back from deficits; innovative plays that WORKED in critical situations; LEADERSHIP from some of the players; depth at WR; and finally, an actual attempt at marketing this team with the Dallas community at large. While not HUGE increases in attendance, we at least were a happy blip on the radar of the city. Been a while since that happened.

Overall, a solid B.

Rinse and repeat next year...we over performed this year, and it was a joy to watch this team.

Man it is going to be a long time till August...

Thank you for a complete and perceptive review presented in a very positive tone.....great job !
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Re: So what have we learned at the end of the season?

Postby ponyboy » Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:38 pm

I'd say we had solid A of a year, despite the late falloff. Incredible that we were ranked 8 weeks.

I'm ready for next season.
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