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End of the road for ZL

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Re: End of the road for ZL

Postby PonySnob » Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:06 pm

PSCA wrote:Zach is a great guy. I herd and confirmed he is heading back to his HS to be the new H-Football-C. Zach has 3 little girls and his wife McKenzie was a SMU rower.

Some other updates from this SMU group ... just FYI. I apologize in advance for mass misspelling of many of these young men's names.

- Kevin Grenier and his wife Jessica (SMU Soccer) had new baby boy a few months ago. They live in CO and own a Anytime Fitness Center

- Joey Fontana was married this past summer. Joey is a Geologist in LA

- Cole Lofton and his wife had a baby (not sure M/F). Cole is in Ft Worth in the finance world

- Cameron Rogers and his wife Kelsey (also SMU grad) were married this past April. Cameron is working commercial real estate in the are for a company owned by former Cowboy Chad Henning. His wife works at Children's Hosp.

- We know were Margus is, but he had a little boy

- T-Reed got married to a former SMU Cheerleader (and Law Student, she is now a lawyer), they just had a baby also.

- Bryce Tennison is married with 2 kids and owns a bar in the Austin area

- Kyle P ... broke up with and then married the TCU Dance squad lady he dated while at SMU. Not sure what he is doing. Was trying to go into coaching, but I think he scratched that. Maybe in the finance world.

- Spike, still in Rugby, but working the last I heard with Nation Wide Ins

- Cody Worthen is in Houston working for his dads company "Field of Dreams". Dating and maybe to marry his HS sweetheart

- Stephan Sanders was working on becoming a pilot.

- Blake McKjunkin works (the last I herd), at the Watermark church.

- Jordan Free, was a strength coach for Nicholas State, but he is in Houston now the last I herd.

- Coach Rambo ... finally got engaged to the lovely lady he dated forever, and while he was playing at SMU

- Lincoln Shick is a geologist

- Pete Flepps is working for Management Consulting Company in the area

- Chase Kennemer .. Married pro golfer Kenny Perry's daughter, they have two, maybe a third .. but really cute kids. Chase was running part of his step dads automotive enterprise. Chase had a scare a couple of years ago and had to have open heart surgery .... and issue with a valve.

- Marquis Frazer is a teacher in the area ... Garland I think.

- Sterling Moore is retired the last I saw him this summer ... working on investing his money. Did get contacted by the new league, but not real interested right now.

- Ryan (Moxie) just got remarried and had a kid. Ryan is a CPA/investment advisor ... you talk about blowing up every stereotype that ever existed concerning a CPA .... MOXIE is a WILD Child. I think they found oil on his family's property in the Eagle Ford Shale area outside of San Antonio.

- Ryan Smith was working at Swell

Former Coaches .. the New Pro-League

Mason .. Suan .. Morris .. McKnight with June in Houston

Hal Mumme with Stoops in Dallas

Ganz and Bert Hill in Tampa

This is the best of my current knowledge ... it may not be 100%, but close.

D.D. Lee has been at Sewell Infiniti for a number of years
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Re: End of the road for ZL

Postby indianmustang » Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:02 pm

http://www.oxfordathletics.org/general/ ... 0117nrawrh
Zach Line | Football:
Coach Line makes his return home after a seven-year NFL career, playing for the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints. During his time in the NFL, Coach Line was selected as a Pro-Bowl alternate four times, receiving an All-Pro vote in 2015. Coach Line also was selected and served as the captain of the New Orleans Saints. As a professional athlete, Coach Line developed an unrivaled football I.Q., evolving under the guidance of Mike Zimmer and Sean Payton and alongside teammates Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees.

Coach Line earned a degree in Sports Management from Southern Methodist University, where he is the only SMU player in history to have three seasons of 1,200+ rushing yards.

Coach Line resides in the Oxford community with his wife, Mckenzie and their three daughters.
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Re: End of the road for ZL

Postby PSCA » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:37 am

The earlier comment is also correct. Zach does have ownership in a sports training facility too. I think?? his parents run it. In Texas, you have to be an employee of the school district i.e. teacher or some other position to also coach. Some states, like Calif, you do not. I wonder what the deal is in Mich. He might just be coach during the season and off doing other stuff the rest of the time. A HS friend and teammate
of mine in CA went back and coached at our HS for about 10yrs, he was FT real estate.
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Re: End of the road for ZL

Postby horsemanx » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:39 am

Would be interesting if he was involved with Line P. either in coaching or the gym.
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Re: End of the road for ZL

Postby indianmustang » Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:01 pm

he has something called ETS performance center
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Re: End of the road for ZL

Postby ponyboy » Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:52 pm

Pretty sharp looking website.
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