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Post-DP players that could start for Pony Express

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Re: Post-DP players that could start for Pony Express

Postby PonyTime » Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:32 am

To name a few...Courtland Sutton, Emmanuel Sanders, James Proche, Garrett Gilbert, Shane Buchelle, Thomas Morstead, Ramon Flannigan (he would have been a nightmare in that option attack).

Oh, and Margus Hunt would have definitely been starting on Special Teams at the very least.
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Re: Post-DP players that could start for Pony Express

Postby Charleston Pony » Tue Jul 07, 2020 10:09 am

Dukie wrote:It was actually Kovar mentioned above in another post who was listed as the starter in that '82 game. Was Drayton a different year?

Pretty sure Drayton came in with Dickerson & James and played during the '79, '80 & '81 seasons but was hurt his SR season. I think Drayton was invited to the Rams camp (probably at Dickerson's urging) but not sure he ever actually played in the NFL. Pretty sure Drayton played in that '83 Cotton Bowl vs Dan Marion's Pitt team
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Re: Post-DP players that could start for Pony Express

Postby ponyte » Tue Jul 07, 2020 5:46 pm

The Pony Express years had All-Americans, All SWC and many future NFL starters at every position. That's pretty stiff competition for players of any era.

Its very difficult to compare players with very different offensive and defensive schemes in differnt eras of the game.

Perhaps a better comparison is how many Pony Express (PE) players could adapt and play in a Jones, Morris, Dykes style offense and how many can adapt to the current more wide open defense.

Wide recievers in the PE era would be at a disadvantage though some starred in th NFL. Big Downhill O linemen might have some difficulties adapting though most were very athletic and could adapt (IMHO). I believe, for the most part Special teams would improve with PE era players just because the overall athleticism of those players is better than post DP players (in general, of course exceptions).

I think for the most part, many PE era diefensive players could adapt. We did have one All-American CB in John Simmons during the PE era. Have no doubt he could adapt.
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