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Look I understand

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 10:58 am
by leopold
why we are 'committed to the run.' Offenses need balance, third and shorts, etc., etc.

But we are officially running an offense that, from the moment of it's conception, was open and honest about dominating opponents through the air with only a minimal nod to the ground game. Furthermore, we are sitting on a darkhorse Heisman candidate at QB, a fleet of pass catching WR's and TE's, and a proven pass-blocking OL while we are, coming into the season, worried about the RB position.

So why are we demanding run production when we aren't built for it? It's not like an Air Raid offense needs running yards - Leach has proven that.

I understand why we did it last year.

- Players still on the roster that were recruited for a run-based offense from the previous coaching staff.
- OC that was brought in specifically for his run based mentality.
- Two proven senior RB's, one of which may be on an NFL roster in a week
- A transfer at QB who was still a question mark going into the season.
- A defense that was still a question mark and could use a little help in staying off the field

So yeah, we were going to run the ball. But I'm confused as to why we are still are doing this when we have the players and coaches built to do just the opposite?

Re: Look I understand

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:33 pm
by SMU Pom Mom
Maybe they didn't want to tip their hand before the TCU game, and it was too late to change the game plan when that went away.

Re: Look I understand

PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2020 9:39 am
by leopold
FTR, someone pointed out it was probably schematic.

TSU went with three down linemen and dropped eight back into coverage, begging us to run the ball. Our 2 RB's averaged 4.9 and 4.5 ypc throughout the game - that's a hard number to beat.

So if that's the case I understand, and based on our RB's solid performance I hope that we continue to show such strong averages. That being said this is all going to depend on our o-line working out some of the kinks they had during the last game.