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WR/TE For 2021

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WR/TE For 2021

Postby crazy horse » Wed Dec 23, 2020 9:17 pm

TE has been addressed with Granson leaving and Nolan Matthews transferring in.

What's going on with the WRs - Gray, Roberson, Page - all coming back? We have 3 good looking freshmen coming in and a ton of WRs on the roster. We need some speed and depth at all positions. Lack of depth at WR has been a huge problem the last two years. We have 21 players listed as WR on the roster. Surely we can find 5 or 6 that can run, catch, and stay on the field all year.
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Re: WR/TE For 2021

Postby CA Mustang » Thu Dec 24, 2020 12:59 am

crazy horse wrote: We have 21 players listed as WR on the roster.

I REALLY hope most of those are walk-ons. At the end of Dykes' tenure at Cal, he had 17 WR on the roster and I thought he'd learned from that situation.
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Re: WR/TE For 2021

Postby dalpony » Thu Dec 24, 2020 7:12 am

We have 12 scholarship WRs - one of which was a walk on who was given a scholarship this year
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Re: WR/TE For 2021

Postby Horseshoe » Sun Dec 27, 2020 4:12 pm

Sure would be nice if 1 (or better yet, 2) of Burns, Wiggins and Jackson becomes a legitimate contributor.

Doesn't need to be Courtland Sutton overnight (even Sutton wasn't Sutton immediately), but if 1 of the big guys can add to Roberson, Rice, Gray, etc., that will help speed up Mordecai's transition.
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