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Adam Hall update

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Adam Hall update

Postby ALL4SMU » Fri May 19, 2000 11:42 pm

Here is an update on the former UT qb, Adam Hall. <A HREF="http://boards.rivals.com/default.asp?sid=114&style=1&p=16&forumId=993&action=ReadMsg&replytoid=3716657" TARGET=_blank>http://boards.rivals.com/default.asp?sid=114&style=1&p=16&forumId=993&action=ReadMsg&replytoid=3716657</A>
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Re: Adam Hall update

Postby Hotel California » Thu Jun 01, 2000 5:45 pm

He is going to San Diego State University!
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Re: Adam Hall update

Postby SMU00 » Fri Jun 02, 2000 2:22 pm

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Re: Adam Hall update

Postby Red+BlueDude » Sun Jun 18, 2000 11:57 pm

Since he signed with Texas in the first place, he clearly lacks good judgement. Best of luck to him, I guess.
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