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Hoops recruit

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Hoops recruit

Postby PonyExpress » Mon Jun 19, 2000 11:29 am

How is it that the New Mexico transfer (Guinn, or something like that) chose Baylor High over SMU after visiting the Hilltop? Consider:

• Dement is 10 times the coach Bliss could ever hope to be, his stint at SMU notwithstanding.
• SMU is in Dallas. Baylor High is in Waco. Enough said.
• The Baylor High uniforms look like the Oakland Athletics shrunk in the laundry.
• Even if Sasser stays in the NBA Draft and goes pro, the returning talent is MUCH better at SMU. Baylor High has that 7-3 guy, but he makes former SMU hooper Bobby Holkan look athletic. The Bear-lys have nobody who can match Willie Davis, Damon Hancock, Renaldo Bratton, Quentin Ross, Jibran Kelley, Jon Forinash, etc.
• At SMU, he would be on a team with a legitimate chance to win a conference championship. At Baylor High, he'll be on a team that has a legitimate chance to go through the entire season without winning a conference game.

Clearly this kid falls under the trendy quote of the day for athletes who make stupid decisions: "Showing Poor Judgement."
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