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Offensive linemen

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Offensive linemen

Postby Red+BlueDude » Fri Jun 30, 2000 1:07 pm

I've got a deal to make with the rest of the college coaches in Texas. Dave Campbell's lousy magazine rarely has much useful info in it, but he does sometimes get a grasp on the top linemen in the state (presumably someone else feeds him this information.)

Of the five offensive linemen he lists as first-team all-state, one (Carter OL Jonathan Scott) already has committed to Texas. The other four — Ben Wilkerson (6-4, 260, 4.8) of Hemphill, Jami Hightower (6-4, 290, 5.2) of Jacksonville (GET McCOWN AND ALDRIDGE on him!), Terrance Young (6-6, 340, 5.4) of Longview and William Winston (6-7! 348! 5.2) of Houston Madison — look very impressive, to say the least.

So here's the deal: Give us those four OL's, plus only two DL's — Tommie Harris (6-3, 285, 4.8) of Killeen Ellison and Thomas Derricks (6-1, 265, 4.9) of Dallas Jesuit — from that team, and Mack Brown and R.C. Slocumb can have their choice of all the other players in the state. This would lay a phenomenal foundation for the future of the team.

Think we can get the folks in Austin and College Station to agree to this?
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Re: Offensive linemen

Postby Hoofprint » Wed Jul 05, 2000 2:23 pm

Somehow I doubt it. But it sounds like a great deal to me.
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Re: Offensive linemen

Postby PonyTales » Wed Jul 05, 2000 3:13 pm

I'll even give in halfway. Gimme two of those OL's and one (Harris!) of those DL's, and we'll go from there. A couple of huge blue-chip linemen could have an enormous (pardon the pun) effect on the team.
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