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AAC Transfer Portal

Postby AusTxPony » Tue Jun 06, 2023 12:00 pm

Houston fan "Pesik" put this together on the AAC board:

SMU - best transfer recruiting team in the AAC - NIL
ECU - beat out top teams for 2 of their transfer recruits, didnt lose players like some would have predicted
Tulsa - some of the best transfer guard in the aac will be at tulsa
USF - coach was able to get his best players from a tourney team to follow
Rice - you cant argue they got better

Memphis -decent transfers, lower than expectation.. could be winners in a few weeks (on some big recruits)
Fau - did nothing to improve the roster , but are already good... and didnt lose anyone
Tulane - decent adds but nothing good enough to change their fortunes, and lost their best player
UAB - passable class, really reliant on juco

Temple - roster looks terrible, just being honest
Wichita - would have been a good transfer class for utsa, poor by wichita standards of wanting to win now
Charlotte- i like Dishon Jackson but did nothing to make a not great team better
UNT - we are in june, most of the portal is dried out. and they need like 5 players
UTSA - entirely new roster of unranked juco and not notable transfers, for team in need fo game changers
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