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Some things I see

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Some things I see

Postby Bballer » Sun Dec 03, 2000 11:29 pm

Does anyone else think Damon can go to the NBA? I think he has one of the best shots on the team from everywhere on the floor. He can hit three's, penetrate the lane, hit mid range jumpers, etc. He can handle the ball and run the offense pretty well also. At first I did not think that he would be a leader at PG, but I have watched a couple practices and all the games to far and think that he has what it takes. He seems to be very disiplined on the floor.
I think Damon is going to have an awesome season. He will catch the eyes of some NBA scouts at the WAC tourney and in the NCAA's. He is an incredible athlete too. He has the capability to improove more too.
Damon might make Voc wait a while before he becomes a star, just like Damon waited for Woods to leave.
I also think that Nigel has what it takes to play in the NBA. He has the frame, especially if he could grow another 2 inches. He needs to work on his shot a little more, but once he gets his confidence and court mind back he will be a player.
SMU is going to have an awesome season this year, that is if Dement can keep their minds on track and everyone disiplined. I like what I see so far.

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