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Postby Bballer » Sun Feb 04, 2001 3:38 am

As I stated yesterday, and many concurred, this game was soo important. We have stayed undefeated in Moody. We got fans on our side. We proved we can play in the WAC. This win was huge. This was the first game out of seven that we have won.

I want to go undefeated in Moody this year. But lets take it one game at a time. UTEP is next at home. Lets get revenge on them.

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Postby Charleston Pony » Sun Feb 04, 2001 11:51 am

there's been a lot of talk this year about our not being able to win "big games". I've tried to remind people that ALL our big games (before last night) have been on the road in front of hostile crowds.

Finally, the tables are turned and we got to play one at home. The crowd made a difference last night. Let's hope everyone returns for our remaining home games and brings enough friends to pack the place.

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Postby ponytalk » Sun Feb 04, 2001 12:58 pm

It was a great win. But remember, Tulsa was missing their leading scorer and another player due to suspension. I think Moody was the deciding factor in that game. Way to go fans.
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Postby Pony_Fan » Sun Feb 04, 2001 2:43 pm

Wow, it was great to see our guys buckle down on defense when it really mattered. Hopefully this will boost their confidence to win close games. Harrington was the most impressive player on the court to me. His patience was great as well as his ball handling skills. He would blow around people every once in a while.

Yes, it is important to point out that Tulsa didn't have their leading scorer tonight which may have killed us. That probably helped a lot considering the way we shot the ball. We couldn't buy a bucket for a long period but the 2nd half was much better.

Let's hit those free throws. Dement needs to lock them up and make them shoot free throws all day in practice. What is the deal??? SASSER hit your shots at the line!!! I have yet to see him hit FT's late in the game when the game is on the line.

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Despite all that ...GREAT WIN and Let's keep playing D and beat the OWLS!!
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Postby SMUguy » Sun Feb 04, 2001 6:02 pm

The win was HUGE! Not sure the team should have reacted that much to the win -- it was big, but Tulsa isn't in first place, and we've got to face them again. I loved it when the fans went nuts -- WE NEED MORE OF THAT! -- and I think the players should enjoy a win like that. But I think the flying chest bumps were a little much, especially when the players were doing that before the game ended. With a small lead, save that. But KEEP UP THE BIG WINS!

Nice job, Ponies
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