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Mid Season Report Card

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Mid Season Report Card

Postby Pony_Fan » Mon Feb 05, 2001 4:10 pm

It's about mid season point..time for some critique. This is just my evaluation.

SMU - Overall Grade - (B-)

SMU hasn't played up to expectations this year. They were picked to win the WAC and had all starters back except for 1. At this point last year they were a better team with better chemistry and confidence. Sasser is still as inconsistent and wild as ever although contributes in other ways with assists and rebounding. Davis has been a little disappointing compared to his performances last year. He was on a tear last year and was a threat to other teams with scoring and rebounds. He is starting to get back to his old self lately. Hancock has replaced Stephen Woods quite well. His scoring has been a big plus for the Mustangs. Lack of a inside threat has hurt SMU against the big men of FSU and Tennessee. They are undefeated at home but have big games ahead. The road games have been a real problem this year. SMU has failed to win the big games (i.e. Oklahoma, FSU, Nebraska) Free throws have been a little bit of a problem as well. There have been some injuries and suspensions which have hurt.

Is Dement getting the job done? Can he get them ready for the big games coming up? Can Sasser contain himself and play with the team? We'll see the results in the upcoming WAC games in the near future...
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Re: Mid Season Report Card

Postby Dirty Bird » Mon Feb 05, 2001 4:35 pm

I disagree. I give SMU a C-. They should have at least won one of those big 3 out of conference games.
Dement is doing fine. I give him a B. Hancock gets an A- minus for his play, Sasser drags down the class average with a C, and Willie's tetering on eligibility.
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