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SMU vs Rice

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SMU vs Rice

Postby Webmaster » Mon Feb 05, 2001 11:27 pm

Rice 31
SMU 26
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Re: SMU vs Rice

Postby Bballer » Mon Feb 05, 2001 11:36 pm

That was a nice run the Ponies made late in the first half. What a horrific start, though. Sasser is 0-9. There is no movement off the ball at all on offense. That needs to change. Also, the refs are HORRIBLE. The srubs of the WAC officials...that is pretty bad.
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Re: SMU vs Rice

Postby Pony_Fan » Tue Feb 06, 2001 4:42 am

Ugly 1st half but I'll take the win. Cooper was on fire for the Owls..wow! Way to go Q, Damon, and Sasser. We hit some big free throws!!! Let's all get out for the UTEP game...
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Re: SMU vs Rice

Postby LadyBaller2001 » Tue Feb 06, 2001 6:19 am

Nice game...a won game. Needs a little more improvement during the beginning no room for mistakes. But now thats out the way time to focus on Utep. Go Mustangs !!! !!!
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Re: SMU vs Rice

Postby Hilltopper » Tue Feb 06, 2001 1:59 pm

I was there last night to see the game. Not pretty. But the Ponies should be congratulated. This was the second game where we didn't play well, at least offensively, and we still figured out a way to win. That's a sign of a team that is growing and maturing, when a team can win even it doesn't play its best. The defense, especially against Tulsa, was great, and the defense came up big last night, leading to the comeback.

Way to go, Ponies! Keep it going.
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Re: SMU vs Rice

Postby MustangMom » Tue Feb 06, 2001 9:44 pm

I was at the game too! Yelling for SMU all the way.

Yes, the Mustangs did not get off ot a very good start, but they hung in. The third period the Mustangs started going inside and really scored points.

Rice was really up and their shooting and defensive play were stellar the first half. Remember they beat TCU.

A win, is a win. Pretty or not. Way to go Mustangs. Keep it up!!
Go Mustangs!!<BR>-MustangMom
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