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UTEP GAME--My two cents

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UTEP GAME--My two cents

Postby ponytalk » Fri Feb 09, 2001 2:36 pm

I thought that victory was HUGE. Twice as big as the Tulsa win. Why, maybe because it was the latest win on our road to 12-0 in Moody. Maybe because UTEP is a very under rated team. Maybe because I say so.

Hancock, Davis, and Sasser all played well. But the MVP goes to Q. He is the MVP for the last couple of games. When we fall down he picks us up. He is playing better than Hancock right now.

From the Kelley alley oop I had a good feeling about the game. I want to give credit to Jibran who played a great game. Very aggressive underneath. Mike Niemi also had some key minutes. He is becoming a spark for this team. He may not put up very many points, but he gets us momentum.

DeWayne Floyd had a breakout game. His three point shooting almost gave me a heart attack, of course until he hit his third attempt. Huge shot DeWayne, but stop shooting those. Leave those for Q, Hancock, and Sasser. DeWayne played very good defense until late in the game. But you could tell, his quick, jumpy fronting of UTEP's big guys got under their skin and they were shut down for a while.

But what about our free throw shooting. At the end, Hancock missed 2 and Sasser went 1-2. Those have to be automatics. That late in the game and shots that important have to fall. Q drained his, though.

What a great win. Moody was AWESOME. Better student support, but still, it is weak. Where are they?

Our last two games are going to be VERY HARD. Fresno then TCU. OUCH. But we are going undefeated in Moody!
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Re: UTEP GAME--My two cents

Postby Pony_Fan » Fri Feb 09, 2001 4:50 pm

Agreed! Big Time win. Good to see us pull out a nail bitter. Gotta hit those free throws..Hancock and Q were scoreless in the first half I think. Q was to go to guy in the 2nd half. I am not sure there was a stand out MVP this game...
I liked Kelly's play..he seems to be getting better and better. Where is Willie?

These next games will be very tough. At Hawaii, at Tulsa. Hawaii beat Fresno...tough to play there with the jet lag. Tulsa didn't have Hill the 1st time around. Hopefully we'll continue to crunch down on D when it's needed and have a little better shooting percentage.

Indeed, good showing at Moody. S-M-U !!!
Students...man, what IS the deal?
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Re: UTEP GAME--My two cents

Postby H-E-B Mustang » Sat Feb 10, 2001 1:42 am

I agree with what you guys have said about the UTEP game. A key part of this team coming together seems to be Mike Niemi. He played 15 minutes of very good, physical defense. He held Wolfram in check by not being pushed around by him. I watched Wolfram all night, and he's a great player. But he fouled out and at least three of his fouls were offensive. Although Wolfram ended up with 24 points, not many of those were scored against Niemi. I feel a lot better about our inside defense with him in there, now. And he hit two critical free throws late in the game. Way to go, Mike!
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