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Official: TCU at SMU

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Re: Official: TCU at SMU

Postby friarwolf » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:50 pm

I disagree that this team is going to be a complete rebuild as Whitt, Hunt, Chargois and Mike are all capable guys. It will be a tall order for any coach to use the remaining 'ships to find quality guys who will bring the right chemistry so everyone on next year's roster can play to their capabilities. I'm sure Jank was hoping Bryce Cook would be his next Nic Moore but right now we should all just be hoping Cook has a complete recovery and can enjoy a normal life, with or without basketball.[/quote]

This team could be like Larry's first team if you find a coach like Larry to keep them and coach them up..........
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Re: Official: TCU at SMU

Postby SoCal_Pony » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:42 pm

JasonB wrote:
SoCal_Pony wrote:I think we can all agree it’s those 4 (Whitt, Hunt, Chargois and Mike) and not much more.

For a little perspective.....

Dement’s last year team had NBA’er Quinton Ross, BHOP, Patrick Simpson, Ish and Eric Castro.

Doh’s team had Papa Dia, McCoy (didn’t he have a Kentucky offer), Faye from GT and Robert Nyakundi (I thought he had a Tech offer)

If I had to rank Jank’s vs Dement’s vs Doh’s teams, Dement’s is probably 1st and Jank’s is probably last.

None of these teams were even NIT-worthy.

When we hit league, keep in mind that we play at a much higher level of competition now. A lot of those Doh and Dement players would struggle in this league a lot more than CUSA or WAC.

All of that said, next year you have Chagois, Hunt, Whitt, Mike, all solid. Throw in White, Ray, and Young as rotation subs. . I'm sure Douglas is going to transfer, he is getting zero time now.

Understood Jason, my point is there is not much disernible difference between any of these classes and the ones under Dement and Doh accomplished nothing. No post season + terrible conference tourney play. BHOP did lead us to victory on the road vs a ranked Purdue team that was exposed later in the season as not being that good.

I look at Doh's last class of Blaise, Uche, Jordan Dickerson and Bernardi. ALL OF THEM were higher ranked nationally than Ray, Young, White, McBride or Cook. Blaise was actually ranked #235.

ALL OF THEM were dismissed under LB, only Dickerson went to a P8 school, Penn St, where he never averaged even 3 points per season.

Chargois, Hunt, Whitt, Mike are OK. I'm not certain any can carry a team on their back for even a full game. Chagois was certainly quiet against the Frogs.

Truth to me is certainly Whitt and Mike would be role players on the team we strive to be, verdict is out on Hunt and if Chargois is your leader, I think you are in trouble.
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