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The Positives in a Historical Loss

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The Positives in a Historical Loss

Postby PonyLaw90 » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:37 pm

1. SMU saved millions in marketing exposure. SMU will be uttered in every ESPN segment tonight;
2. SMU will be referenced by NBAers when they watch Tako’s highlight reel;
3.: Rice football beat SMU in 1916 by 143 points. So this b-ball never really got out of hand, historically speaking;
4. It didn’t sound like such an asswhipping on the radio;
5. I washed two cars and cleaned the gutters myself. Saved $250 . Thank you SMU;
6. We got to see more of our bench. You cannot buy that floor experience;
7. We are officially out of the Larry Brown era;
8. I will make thousands next month by opting out of renewing my tickets;
9. My SMU gear from our last tournament appearance is now a classic; and
10. Are you ready for some SMU football...?
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Re: The Positives in a Historical Loss

Postby Charleston Pony » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:43 pm

# 7 in inaccurate because McBlunt and Whitt decided to transfer in while Brown was still our coach. We might be the worst team in the AAC by the time the Larry Brown era officially ends...which could be next season if neither of those guys is back.
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Re: The Positives in a Historical Loss

Postby geezerdonk » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:59 pm

Definitely a positive for the under classmen on the team. They got a preview of their college future if they stay at SMU. I am guessing that Chargois, Whitt, Hunt and Mike are this very minute burning up the internet looking for transfer options. Good luck boys; you won't regret leaving this nightmare behind.
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Re: The Positives in a Historical Loss

Postby No Quarter » Sun Mar 03, 2019 1:37 am

The title says it: Historic

I have seen, and many on this board have seen several of the worst defeats in SMU history in at least two sports, viz.,

>Not hiring Frank Broyles when he begged for the job.

>The end of Football I in 1987.

>The 95 - 21 loss to UH in 1989.

>The 59 - 3 loss to ND in 1989 (Thank you Lou Holtz for holding back the Irish).

>The 47 point loss to UCF last month.

Arrange the above any way you want. I'm pretty sure no SMU loyalist who saw the 1916 football game with Rice is still among the living but include it if you want.

Others might list the loss of non revenue sports.

The times when SMU tried to find “lightning in a bottle” as one poster mentioned several years ago might be mentioned, and sometimes more to the point in a HS or small college bottle. I’m thinking of Woodard Chalmers most of all, but some would Bill Meek maybe, or Dave Smith, and Mike Cavan.

If the above has been negative, well the plus is that it has got to get better, right?
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