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I’m not asking for much...

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Re: I’m not asking for much...

Postby One Trick Pony » Sun Mar 01, 2020 2:38 pm

redpony wrote:OTP- shocked that you are defending this 'coach?'
Your mind ain't right
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Re: I’m not asking for much...

Postby Mustangsabu » Sun Mar 01, 2020 3:23 pm

LA_Mustang wrote:
Mustangsabu wrote:
redpony wrote:IIRC before the start of last season it was said that if Jank didn't make the NCAA playoffs he was gone, Then during the season (seeing the disaster that it was) the powers that be said if he didn't make the NIT he would be out. Now we see people 'hoping' we will get to the 'junior dance' (NIT). My how opinions have disintegrated over the last couple of years.

Since SMU is so poor and can only afford to build fountains instead of top level bball teams perhaps they should drop down to the level that they can afford instead of trying to play with the big dogs. FCS anybody??

So a 20-win team doesn't belong in Division 1 BBall?

We are SMU folks..... don't get sucking in to Tricky Ricky and his "Peer Schools" schtick

I know you’re critical of people who support/praise LB and slam Jank. Yet, we all know any successful HC in major college b-ball skirts the rules, regardless what is said or perpetuated. That said, in your opinion what is a reasonable expectation of the basketball HC at SMU in terms of scheduling, winning , promoting and recruiting specifically? I would love to know your thoughts on all four.
Scheduling? I think the AAC is a highly competitive conference so the non-conference schedule is an interesting animal to tame. Some of the games are scheduled far in advance so it’s hard to know what you get. I thought this season was too heavy on low level opposition, but this team needs to learn to win so I don’t really consider the scheduling so critical. I’m not firing a coach because of the schedule.

Promotion? I don’t know what the expectations are on a coach. We haven’t ever had a coach that promoted outside of campus that I can remember. He’s there to do a job. I don’t expect him to be promoting the program except through his role. Promotion is RH’s job.

Winning? I think 20 win seasons are a good marker for a program like SMU. We have spent many many years not having them. If we consistently win 20 games a year I think we are in good shape and that’s a springboard for periodic trips to the tourney and NIT.

Recruiting? I think the team right now represents solid recruiting. There have been some misses and some hits but that’s going to happen. Happened for LB too and he obviously had a huge advantage.

All of that said, my question about Jank centers on the developing of the players he has. We have a few talents who are possibly not being maximized. That is a concern.

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