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Postby redpony » Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:09 am

Hoofprint wrote:I think he had automatic extensions kick in because of the winds in his first 2 years.

And extending a deadly virus is a best case scenario? Really?

Not many options when you have an AD that is incompetent and focused running off his fan base, a president who cares more about fountains than being top 25 in sports, and has failed to move us up academically in national rating. One who is more stale than month old bread and is only protected by his BOT that is indebted to him.
Then we have no bball fans who have enough interest or money to institute a change. The last 3 years have proven that janko-vid is not the coach for us. LB built a winning program and now our current bozo has destroyed it. Long past time for a change.
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