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GAME THREAD for MBB vs. Boise State

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Re: GAME THREAD for MBB vs. Boise State

Postby shadowman » Fri Mar 19, 2021 5:11 pm

Once Anei got it at the rim, he should have just did a pump fake and then tried for the aggressive slam/lay up and hope for a foul. Instead he drifted a bit two far under the basket and tried to dribble and pass, even under the basket, he should have just made a pump fake and contorted back and give it a try and hope for a foul.

I agree Davis should have just looked to drive and then pull up and shoot, but Anei had run the floor very well and when Davis passed it, it looked like he had a clear dunk, but the Boise big man recovered well to challenge. Once Anei had it there point blank, he has to try and score or draw a foul with no dribbles. He had a couple of other times where he got stripped because he put the ball on the floor.

In the DMN, the writer mentioned that SMU wanted a review of the put back that gave Boise the one point lead. Anyone have any idea what the coaches thought they saw?
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