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Feature — SMU men's soccer: one of 25 to reach 600 wins

PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:08 am
by PonyPride
From SMUMustangs:

SMU Soccer Becomes 25th Program in NCAA History to Compile 600 Wins

By: Victoria White

In 1975, the first year SMU Soccer entered the NCAA, the Mustangs first win was an 8-1 victory over TCU. Before this Saturday's 6 p.m. match at UCONN, the Mustangs captured the program's 600th win in front of alumni and students at Westcott Field.

Only 25 programs have earned 600 wins in the history of the NCAA. In SMU's storied history, rich with exhilarating triumph and overcoming obstacles, the Mustangs reveled in excitement after defeating the Cincinnati Bearcats at home, as players of the past also shared in the victory.

"It was a great night," head coach Kevin Hudson said. "The team played very well, and we had a nice alumni tailgate on the roof of the parking garage overlooking downtown. Many of the alumni who contributed to the 600 wins were in attendance which made the night even more special."

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