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SMU Sweeps Creighton At Home

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:21 pm
by PonyPride

Rowing Sweeps Creighton At Home

DALLAS (SMU) – The SMU rowing team swept Creighton at White Rock Lake in its first home regatta of the spring season. The Mustangs won all eight races, four V8+ and four V4+, without a single boat finishing behind a Creighton crew.

SMU started three boats in all but two races, filling two boats in the 1V4+ races. The SMU A crew posted the fastest time of the day, finishing the 1,250-meter course in 4:12.1, with Addison Ilirria in the coxswain seat. The SMU C crew came across just five seconds later.

The SMU B crew won the second V8+ race of the day, posting a 4:17.6 to cut nearly four seconds off its time in the first race. All three SMU crews crossed the line more than eight seconds before Creighton's 1V8+ boat, despite having already raced in the 2V8+ event.

In the second 1V8+ race, the day's final event, Melissa Chambers led her crew to a third V8+ win with a 4:18.8. All three SMU crews were within five seconds of each other. Creighton finished with a 4:41.5 after crabbing at the 750-meter mark. All four crews were within a boat length of the leader at the 500-meter mark.

In the varsity 4+ events, coxswain Gabriella Chelliah led the SMU B crew to wins in three of its four races, posting a 5:00.2 over 1,250 meters in the first event of the day. In her only race of the day, Cassie Cater sat in the coxswain seat as the SMU C V4+ finished a shortened 1,000-meter race course in 4:00.1, edging Chelliah's crew by 2.4 seconds.

The coaching staff put its top 24 student-athletes in three V8+ crews, each racing four times. The V4+ crews were comprised of the next 16 student-athletes, making up four crews. The SMU A V4+ and the SMU B V4+ crews each raced four times, while the SMU C V4+ raced twice with two different crews.

The Mustangs race again March 24 at the Cooper Sprints on the Cooper River in New Jersey.

Re: SMU Sweeps Creighton At Home

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:59 pm
by DanFreibergerForHeisman