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Rowing Places 11th at NCAA Championships

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Rowing Places 11th at NCAA Championships

Postby PonyPride » Sun May 30, 2021 6:08 pm

From SMUMustangs.com:

Rowing Places 11th at NCAA Championships

SARASOTA, Florida – No. 12 SMU women's rowing team finished 11th at the 2021 NCAA Rowing Championship on Sunday at Nathan Benderson Park. The 11th place finish by the Mustangs is the highest finish in American Athletic Conference rowing history. The previous highest finish by a program from the American Athletic Conference at the NCAA Rowing Championships was 17th by Louisville in 2014.

The Mustangs placed 13 overall in the Varsity 8 after winning the C Final in a time of 6:31.748, which was the highest finish in the event in conference history.
After becoming the first crew in conference history to compete in a Petite Final, the Second Varsity Eight placed second in the Petite Final at the 6:32.107 mark for eighth overall. This boat grabbed the highest finish in any event in conference history.

SMU's Varsity 4 began the day for the Mustangs and finished 15th overall after placing third in the C final with a time of 7:32.187.

SMU Lineups at NCAA Championships
Varsity 8
Coxswain: Colleen Gillis
Stroke: Jasmine Brake
7: Victoria Franklin
6: Madison van Meel
5: Juliet Traylor
4: Peyton Matthews
3: Daisy Butterworth
2: Megan Hewison
Bow: Colombe De Rouvroy

Second Varsity 8
Coxswain: Sasha Radovanovic
Stroke: Sophie Hill
7: Anne Ensley
6: Lauren Poland
5: Megan Scott
4: Amy Salesky
3: Bailey Peterson
2: Sydney Suntrup
Bow: Gracie Condon

Varsity 4
Coxswain: Hallie Wilson
Stroke: Peyton Jewell
3: Trevor Rose
2: Allison Lea
Bow: Emily Baker

Sunday Results
Varsity 4 C Final (Places 13-18)
1. Princeton 7:27.365
2. Navy 7:31.681
3. SMU 7:32.187
4. Alabama 7:32.765
5. Wisconsin 7:38.123
6. Gonzaga 7:46.105

Varsity 8 C Final (Places 13-18)
1. SMU 6:31.478
2. Wisconsin 6:33.822
3. Washington State 6:35.798
4. Duke 6:37.250
5. Tennessee 6:38.956
6. Navy 6:44.316

Second Varsity 8 Petite Final (Places 7-12)
1. Brown 6:30.915
2. SMU 6:32.107
3. Cal 6:34.013
4. Rutgers 6:34.601
5. Syracuse 6:40.017
6. Wisconsin 6:44.053
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