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Re: GAME THREAD: MBB vs. Lamar

Postby Doesntmatter » Sun Nov 27, 2022 8:03 pm

JasonB wrote:Another positive step forward after the Louisiana game. Odigie only took one bad shot, the long jumper just needs to not be part of his game. Need Phelps to eliminate the step back 3 as well. Just need to smooth out the shot selection issues and efficiency will continue to improve.

Really nice stretch early in the second half where we actually created turnovers, high press in the half court, and actually got several dunks in the game. OMG from Foster, a dunk from Phelps and two for Jalen. Need Foster to start picking up minutes before conference starts.

Foster showed the amazing talent he harbors (OMG was a good descriptor) but he's got a long way to go. His defensive court awareness seems to be nonexistent as does some of his offensive positioning. It makes you wonder if ISU did anything with him while he was there. Doesn't appear so. I believe he (and others) are at the right place. Coach Lanier appears to really understand teaching, development, and patience. I hope players and fans will understand the patience it takes to develop a team and chemistry from scratch. In this "win now" and transfer portal world, Coach Lanier has a challenge on his hands. If he's successful bringing back those that should and can while adding a couple of promising recruits, this could become the long term program we all want.
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Re: GAME THREAD: MBB vs. Lamar

Postby Topper » Tue Nov 29, 2022 3:58 pm

geezerdonk wrote:Well they outdrew the football team; but so did intramural bowling. If the offense this year is stand around the arc and jack up threes (to the tune of 24%), they got a lot of practice. Lanier and Wright are wasted minutes - they might as well be playing with four players. Odigie has physical talent but he his a missed layup/turnover waiting to happen. Ditto Williamson but has five good minutes and then disappears for the rest of the game.
Lazy cross court passes, slow getting back and standing around on defense.
Don't know why Foster isn't playing. He needs to talk to Davis before he wastes his college career too.

What a sad lonely life you must lead.
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