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??? Schavrda, Nichols, Erxleben, Vadheim, etc.

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??? Schavrda, Nichols, Erxleben, Vadheim, etc.

Postby RedRiverPony » Fri Feb 23, 2001 2:03 am

Does anyone know what our outgoing seniors plan to do after graduation? Any of them plan to try to play somewhere (Europe, XFL?)Jobs lined up yet?

Just curious -- anyone with info, thanks for your responses. Like to stay in touch with all the Ponies.
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Re: ??? Schavrda, Nichols, Erxleben, Vadheim, etc.

Postby jettison » Fri Feb 23, 2001 11:53 am

I think it's safe to assume none of them will be playing in the XFL... as Jim Rome put it yesterday, "pretty soon the XFL will be like the Rubik's cube - nobody will want anything to do with it." Hmmm, who would have thunk it?
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Re: ??? Schavrda, Nichols, Erxleben, Vadheim, etc.

Postby PonyPower » Fri Feb 23, 2001 1:53 pm

What a surprise, the XFL getting flushed already? The only surprise to me is that it got off the ground in the first place. Why anyone went out to see those scrubs is beyond me. Without getting into a heated debate with PonyFanMan about whether wrestling is a sport, you had to assume right off the bat that anything Vince McMahon ties himself to is going to be fake. The man makes Don King seem genuine and trustworty, and the only folks he can fool with his "marketing ideas" are the same ones who turn out in droves to yell at passing cars during NASCAR events and who cheer wildly for staged wrestling "events."

Sorry our boys may not keep playing (someone told me Vadheim might get a look in the NFL or in NFL Europe), but they shouldn't embarrass themselves or SMU by playing with the XFL.
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Re: ??? Schavrda, Nichols, Erxleben, Vadheim, etc.

Postby hairystang » Fri Feb 23, 2001 4:52 pm

I have the inside scoop on where the seniors are now. I think that Schaverda has decided to continue his education at Harvard. Nichols is in the process of becoming an adult entertainer out on the West coast. The last time anyone heard, Erxleben is running a brothel in central Thailand (He says that the money is great) As for Vadhiem I'm not sure. Hope that this helps.
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Re: ??? Schavrda, Nichols, Erxleben, Vadheim, etc.

Postby ponytalk » Sat Feb 24, 2001 1:35 am

very funny hairstang. But what are they really doing?

I hope they have all found sucess in the job world. I love the line about Nichols!
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Re: ??? Schavrda, Nichols, Erxleben, Vadheim, etc.

Postby Jim Rome » Sun Feb 25, 2001 11:56 pm

hey Hairystang -

Tell Erxleben to look up SMU00 - he seems to be based in Bangkok Thailand. You guys could have a hell of a party!
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Re: ??? Schavrda, Nichols, Erxleben, Vadheim, etc.

Postby perkins » Tue Feb 27, 2001 11:01 pm

Collin Vadheim has a full-time job with Deloitte Touche, and Jeff Erxleben has a full-time job with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in their Real Estate and Consulting Division.
Both these players were active participants in the SMU athletic department's PALS program. Schavrda will probably graduate in 2002, Nichols is heading back to California, and Steve O'Neill is currently interviewing.
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